Back in 1801, a simple metal rooster weather vane was placed on the tall steeple of the new stone church.  Proud Hurley residents finally had a church to call their own.  Now in 2015, the antique rooster with its distinctly folk art look has a safe roost inside today's church, and its silhouette adorns many properties around town.  Twenty-two artists with Hurley connections have applied their talents in diverse interpretations of the original Hurley rooster. We celebrate the creativity and civic spirit the artists have so clearly revealed in their works.  
Here are the twenty-two handsome roosters who found new homes at the Hurley Rooster Auction, Sunday, September 27. We will miss them! One has already flown away to Texas, but their photos remain with us to remember them by wherever they go! 

Rooster Auction, 2015

Corn Festival, 2015

     The August. 15, 2015 Hurley Corn Festival celebrates the tradition of sweet corn farming in Hurley and represents the 35th consecutive year of this event which provided a large part of the funding for the purchase of our museum building in the year 2000.